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      Granted by Peking University (PKU), BEIDAXUEYUAN (the abbreviation for BEIDAXUEYUAN Education Investment Co., Ltd.) was established in 1999. As a strategic technology and education investment company, the professional development and research institution covers preschool education, academic collaboration, high-end educational training, educational counseling, international educational exchange as well as high-tech investment. It aims to establish high-quality, high-standard, innovative and international kindergartens.




      BEIDAXUEYUAN Kindergarten is funded by Beijing BEIDAXUEYUAN Education Investment Co., Ltd. Based on the profound resources of PKU. it is to offer high-quality preschool education and service for kids in big and medium-sized cities.

In BEIDAXUEYUAN kindergartens, there are bright and spacious activity rooms, quiet libraries, fascinating science rooms, creative painting rooms, graceful piano rooms, neat cooking rooms, well-equipped halls, comfortable parent-kid rooms and outdoor equipment like multi-functional slides, running tracks, roller skating field, sand pit, etc.

BEIDA XUEYUAN KINDERGARTEN upholds PKU’s glorious tradition and excellent academic discipline; it abstracts educational ideas from the connotation and core of the thoughts of famous educators in both PKU and other fields; it follows the educational ideas of interest and happiness and respect children’s personality. The curriculum stimulates guides and cultivates children’s interest with scientific, open and flexible educational methods, thereby promoting children’s all-round development. In our kindergartens, games serve as the major teaching methods; happiness is of primary importance; learning and playing are complementary to each other.

     The curriculum is to ensure that all children can become talented and attain success; BEIDAXUEYUAN KINDERGARTEN relies on the theory of children’s success quality development—research achievements by Brain and Cognitive Science Center of PKU. It promotes children’s all-round development, encourage them to give full play to their talents and advantages and build confidence, thereby laying solid foundation for their life-long development and success.